Tailored Automation Solutions for TailWind, Solving Complex Service Provider Challenges

Cloud Age’s SaaS gpxcloud™ solution is specifically built to solve Service Provider challenges.


TailwindCloud Age has decades of experience helping high-growth Telecom Service Provider businesses that find, install, and manage connectivity for multi-location enterprises. We recently provided automation solutions for TailWind Voice & Data, Inc.,  leading company who provides a single-source, all-inclusive solution from installation through full lifecycle technology management.

The Challenge

The industry trend of using more and more broadband services in the enterprise space presented our customer with both benefits and challenges. While TailWind’s revenue and the number of clients were growing exponentially, so were their need for automation in their back office. Their historical manual processes for vendor invoice capture and data extraction along with a limited inventory lifecycle management system could no longer keep up with their increased volume. Furthermore, missing invoices caused missed payments leading to improper disconnection of client services. They determined they required a systematic and automated solution to handle both their current state and future planned growth.

Cost of Inertia

The customer recognized they were struggling with slowness of invoice processing, vendor invoicing inaccuracies, missed payments, and limited integration with their ERP. However, their largest drawback was in not doing anything. They were adding employees and costs to handle their existing manual process inefficiencies and would continue to do so if automation wasn’t implemented. Additionally, their response times for client provisioning and support were increasing, impacting their client support commitments.

The Solution

Cloud Age’s SaaS gpxcloud™ solution, specifically built to solve Service Provider challenges, was the perfect solution for our customer. gpxcloud provided them with automated vendor invoice capture, automated detailed vendor invoice data extraction, inventory cost validation, Account Payable processing, and General ledger coding functions. This solution eliminated missing information, sped up their month-end closings, and integrated with their ERP system.

Results and Benefits

  1. Centralized invoice receipt and detail data extraction via automated invoice readers.
  2. Automated General Ledger assignments for invoice processing.
  3. Automated cost validation audits based on client defined rules.
  4. Automated data feed to their ERP system for accounting and payment processing.
  5. Enhanced month-end accruals of inventory not yet invoiced.
  6. Improved real-time inventory lifecycle management for moves, adds, changes, and deletions.
  7. Perfected in-time vendor payments and elimination of missed vendor payments causing disconnection of services.
  8. Provided robust data filtering and reporting for better decision making.


“ The team at Cloud Age quickly helped us identify areas where we could be more efficient in our carrier invoice management processes while increasing our automation. The gpxcloud platform has enabled us to validate our high invoice volume costs, avoid late charges, and confirm all invoices are paid in a timely manner.”

— Tom Murphy, Senior Vice President, Operations, TailWind Voice & Data, Inc.

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