gpxcloud 4.3.14

The key theme of this release is enhancements to the gpxcloud ordering module.

New Features – GPXCLOUD Ordering Module

Create, track and manage service orders

  • The Orders Module provides flexibility to add one or more services to an order.
    • Order Summary – Contains high level info on the Service Order(s) contained in the order record. Each Order ID can include one or more Order Service Items. Each Order is tracked with the status displayed on the Summary Tab.
    • Order Service Item – A specific service order for network services. Multiple Service Order Items may be linked to an order. Each Service Order Item is tracked with the status displayed on the Service Item Number Tab.Add one or more services to a single order
  • Manage order workflow from approval through vendor acceptance and completion of all the included service orders
  • Manage service order workflow from acceptance through service install, test, and acceptance.
  • Support for temp BANs and temp circuit IDs while waiting for final details from your service providers
  • Option to tag an order for “expedite”
  • Maintain the order history for each order which track changes to an order by user and action

Support for multiple order types

  • Install – Used when a new service is required
  • Records Only – Used when only a data change is required
  • Change – Used to modify service
  • Disconnect – Used to remove service

Integrated with the gpxcloud Inventory Module for accurate inventory management and billing verification

  • Inventory status tied to order status
  • Service details automatically transferred from order to inventory record
  • Track disconnects and invoice processing

Support for custom attributes for both orders and service orders

  • Custom fields can be set to either required or not required
  • Custom fields can be either free text and drop downs

Attach documents to orders

  • Attach relevant documents to each order
  • Once documents are uploaded they can also be downloaded later
  • Attachments are allowed for both the order level and the service order level

Contact management

  • Define specific roles for the order and provisioning process
  • Assign users and roles to each order to maintain an accurate point of contacts through the process

Roles and Permissions

  • Incorporated into the gpxcloud roles and permission admin capability to control user access to the ordering module