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More Complete and Accurate Cost Data

Fast-growing Service Providers, TEMs, Enterprises, and MSPs need complete and accurate cost data and efficient tools to manage their telecom and other IT inventory and services. Cloud Age gives businesses better control of vendor cost information to create the foundation for improved revenue assurance, cost benchmarking, contract management, cost audit, and inventory management.

Cloud Age automates the entire telecom cost management process for many types of businesses. From invoice data capture, normalization, and quality assurance, to accounting systems integration and reporting.

Cloud Age enables seamless integration with ERP, OSS, Bill Pay, and Client Billing systems so you can more effectively leverage accurate and timely cost data.  We help eliminate the complexity of telecom lifecycle and cost management with SaaS solutions that are powerful, reliable, intuitive, and highly configurable.

Invoice Analysis

Service Providers

Improve Inventory Management, Cost Reconciliation, and Shorten Your Accounting Reporting Timeframes

Service Providers need immediate and 360° visibility to their network inventory – the products they’ve ordered, the services that were activated for those products, and the resources that were provisioned for those services. For many fast-growing Service Providers, this information is buried in spreadsheets and emails.

Cloud Age Solution’s gpxcloud SaaS platform solves this problem. Delivered via a secure cloud infrastructure, gpxcloud centralizes this data and makes it easily accessible. It automates the core processes Service Providers use to obtain quotes and order new services, manage their network inventory, and process invoices — and can integrate it with a Service Provider’s financial systems. And with gpxcloud’s powerful reporting and analytics capability, Service Providers can gain complete visibility over their operations, find opportunities to reduce costs and even deliver custom dashboards online to their customers

  • Hybrid Network Operators
  • VoIP Providers
  • Competitive Carriers

Telecom Expense Management (TEMs)

Find Savings Faster and More Efficiently

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Cloud Age was founded by former executives at a leading pioneer in the telecom expense management industry. They saw that TEMs needed a robust invoice management, translation, consolidation, analysis and verification solution.

Cloud Age now serves many of the fastest growing TEMs in the industry. With over a decade of experience helping TEMs, we’ve built the largest independent library of telecom carrier invoice readers and a proprietary invoice processing platform that can convert carrier invoices in any format – EDI, PDF, CABs, etc – into an easy-to-analyze consolidated invoice. And all this is backed by a team of telecom invoice experts committed to great customer service.

We save TEMs time and money, we ensure the consolidated invoices they provide to their enterprise customers are 100% accurate. And we give them accurate data they can analyze and benchmark to do their job even better.

  • Cloud Age works with 7 of the top 10 TEM Companies.
  • Specialists in supporting rapidly growing organizations.
  • One Cloud Age customer is a $10B Global system integrator


Invoice Processing

Extract More Value from Your Telecom Data

Telecom-savvy Enterprises understand their network and telecom services and need innovative automation solutions like gpxcloud for cost management solutions to get more business value out of their data.


  • Smaller Enterprises can benefit from the same process automation and reporting large Enterprises have
  • Accurately account for and automate key business processes 

Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

Increase MRR and Strengthen Customer Relationships

data analysisMSPs need vendor invoice receipt and data ex-traction automation for immediate visibility to their client telecom spend. Many require an independent platform like gpxcloud for the ongoing lifecycle and cost management processes to support their clients.

MSPs understand they need to stay one step ahead of network challenges facing their customers. This includes making sure their wireless, telecom and data networking services are as cost-efficient and high quality as possible, and giving customers visibility into network spend, order status, and key operational metrics.

Cloud Age helps MSPs deliver on these requirements and strengthen their role as a value-added partner to their enterprise customers.

Delivered via a secure cloud infrastructure, our gpxcloud network management and reporting SaaS centralizes their customers’ critical data and automates their core telecom network management processes MSPs . And with gpxcloud’s powerful analytics capability, MSPs can provide their customers complete visibility over their telecom operations and deliver custom reports and dashboards that drive business performance.

Grow your recurring revenues
Cloud Age gives you new ways to identify opportunities and new services to provide.

Increase customer satisfaction
Cloud Age’s gpxcloud platform delivers your customers high-value telecom network intelligence