TEM Providers

SaaS solutions for TEMs

Telecom Expense Management (TEM) providers deliver impactful solutions for businesses by managing and optimizing mission critical data.

TEMs require advanced automation and data processing tools to provide end-to-end lifecycle management that leads to organizational and resource efficiencies, reductions in errors, increased compliance, and assurance in outputs and analytics. Cloud Age helps TEMs deliver on the core capabilities their customers are looking for with normalized invoice detail and/or SaaS solutions that integrate critical functions including order management, inventory management, expense management, and reporting and analytics.

A Proven Track Record Serving TEMs

Cloud Age now serves many of the fastest growing TEMs in the industry. With over a decade of experience helping TEMs, we’ve built the largest independent library of telecom carrier invoice readers and a proprietary invoice processing platform that can convert carrier invoices in any format – EDI, PDF, CABs, etc – into an easy-to-analyze consolidated invoice. And all this is backed by a team of telecom invoice experts committed to great customer service.

We save TEMs time and money, we ensure the consolidated invoices they provide to their enterprise customers are 100% accurate. And we give them accurate data they can analyze and benchmark to do their job even better.

Key Benefits and Efficiencies:

  • EDI-811 and EDI-BDF expertise
  • Outsourced invoice capture to industry expert
  • Normalized invoice detail provided in one output format – UNI-Bill
  • Data enrichment option with Super-USOC for data categorization
  • SaaS gpxcloud for TEMs without their own platform