Your Hub for Improving Telecom Quote-to-Cash Automation

gpxcloud™ is a scalable, affordable, and configurable SaaS solution by Cloud Age providing automation, visibility, and control over Telecom, Data Center, UCaaS, Wireless, CCaaS, and IaaS service costs.

  • Reduce costs
  • Improve cost/expense validation
  • Automate accounting processes
  • Turn raw data into actionable business intelligence

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Best Practices to Mitigate Telecom
Quote-to-Cash Lifecycle Chaos

Visibility and control over telecom and mobile network assets and services.

To succeed in today’s competitive environment, Service Providers, TEMs, Enterprises, and MSPs need complete and real-time operational cost visibility.  They need to understand how they’re performing in the eyes of their customers and respond quickly.  They need to share data with their customers to build customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Too often, fast-growing businesses rely on inefficient tools to manage their network assets and services. Why? Because there has been no affordable, robust, and scalable solution designed for their business requirements.

But now, there’s gpxcloud, the SaaS Telecom Network Lifecycle Management Platform from Cloud Age. gpxcloud is intuitive and configurable. It automates and streamlines telecom network inventory management while providing 360° visibility for your business operations.


Vendor Quoting

Order Management

Inventory Management

Invoice Management

GL & Accounts
Payable Interface

Payment Processing

Contract & Vendor

Revenue & Margin


Take control of critical network lifecycle processes, reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction.

  • Increase revenue
  • Reduce costs
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Turn raw data into actionable business intelligence

gpxcloud delivers bottom-line value

  • Scalable, affordable, configurable SaaS solution
  • Improved profitability through visibility, cost control and process automation
  • Enhances customer satisfaction via faster quoting, ordering, and provisioning
  • Up-to-date visibility on business operations
"The team at Cloud Age quickly helped us identify areas where we could be more efficient in our carrier invoice management processes while increasing our automation. The gpxcloud platform has enabled us to validate our high invoice volume costs, avoid late charges, and confirm all invoices are paid in a timely manner."
Tom Murphy
Senior Vice President, Operations, TailWind Voice & Data, Inc.


Gain total visibility into the telecom lifecycle.  Network and operational data become actionable business intelligence that lets you anticipate customer needs.
  • Executive Dashboard
  • Business Analytics
  • Robust Reporting Platform
  • Usage Cost Analytics
  • Cost Management
  • Network Inventory Control
  • Invoice Processing
  • Expense Audit Automation
  • Revenue Assurance
  • And more!


gpxcloud software delivers the business intelligence you need, providing your organization improved agility and responsiveness.


A full library of standard reports and dashboards provide real-time operational visibility and business intelligence.

Invoice Management

Manage the entire lifecycle of an invoice, review charge details and usage volumes, apply GL coding rules and approve invoices for payment.

Inventory Management

Gain visibility over all orders while simultaneously creating new inventory and updating existing inventory with disconnect order details.


Create contracts, schedules and rates, then link inventory and create audit rules to identify billing discrepancies in just a few clicks.

Order Management

Increase customer satisfaction and strengthen client relationships by providing accurate and timely access to order, delivery and payment information.

General Ledger

Powerful and flexible General Ledger rules engine delivers automation, invoice processing efficiency and accurate chargeback capability.

Cost Validation

Capture cost details from a variety of sources in various billing formats and validate rates against contracts to flag potential billing issues.

Dispute Management

Track and manage disputes and refunds with providers quickly and easily.