Automated Invoice Processing

Convert telecom carrier invoices, in any format, into standardized, easy-to-use data to analyze.
Invoice Analysis

Cloud Age provides turn-key translation, consolidation, and management of telecom carrier invoices via our gpxcloud SaaS platform, and InvoiceIQ products. We help our clients dramatically increase productivity and reduce costs for any Service Provider, telecom Reseller, TEM, MSP, or Enterprise that receives multiple telecom carrier invoices.

  • Convert and consolidate telecom carrier invoices multiple formats (PDF, CABs, EDI, web, etc) into easy-to-understand, easy-to-analyze consolidated format – in minutes
  • Validate all incoming telecom carrier invoices for completeness and match between summary and detail charge data
  • Continually updated to reflect changes in telecom carrier invoice data fields and formats
  • Backed by an expert team to ensure data is 100% complete and accurate.

gpxcloud is our flagship Telecom Network Lifecycle Management Platform. It automates and streamlines telecom network inventory management while providing 360° visibility for your business operations. gpxcloud is intuitive and configurable with many specialized modules, features, and utilities developed by people who have a deep understanding of the expense management and data aggregation challenges many businesses face.

InvoiceIQ is our turn-key telecom automated invoice processing software and management solution that saves Service Providers, telecom Resellers, TEMs, Enterprises and MSPs time and money by eliminating manual data input or the need to build and maintain their own telecom invoice readers. It transforms telecom carrier invoices into actionable business data.