Cost Reconciliation & Validation

Streamline and automate IT and telecom auditing, accounting, and payment processing to improve cost validation.
Data Analysis at Cloud Age

Streamline and automate how you capture your vendor invoice information, assign general ledger information, accrue invoice/inventory discrepancies, audit invoice cost to order inventory and vendor contracts, process vendor payments, and benchmark to industry norms.

Cost Reconciliation & Validation requires visibility to a lot more than just a copy of a vendor invoice. In order for these processes to be effective, your process must include information from the vendor invoice, the vendor contract(s), your network inventory, the original vendor quote, the vendor order, and a process that can validate all of this information in real time.

Cloud Age’s automation within gpxcloud, and its ability to interface in real time into your vendor quoting/order, ERP, and other systems, enables real time validation of vendor invoice information. The ability to automate this process allows your employee resources to work on other important business functions and gives you the confidence that what you are paying your vendors is accurate.

Key Features and Capabilities of gpxcloud:

  1. Vendor Invoice Receipt and Reading
  2. Vendor Invoice Cost Validation
  3. Inventory Management with Quoting and Ordering Interfaces
  4. Vendor Contract Management
  5. General Ledger Assignment and Accrual Need Identification
  6. Client System Integrations
  7. Vendor Payment Processing
  8. Reporting and Analytics