Inventory Lifecycle Management

It’s time to move beyond spreadsheets to reduce the cost of managing your company's telecom/IT expenses.
Cloud Age

Accurate, and complete, network inventory is a core requirement for comprehensive audit, cost reconciliation, operational support, and timely vendor payment. A high percentage of companies create only an invoice generated inventory resulting in many missed opportunities, inaccurate records, and challenging lifecycle management. Furthermore, many companies use spreadsheets to track this information and do not know how to capture true network inventory.

Cloud Age, using gpxcloud and automation, solves this for our clients. Our end to end process of reconciling vendor invoices, client orders, client contracts, and vendor reports (i.e., CSRs, Miscellaneous) while maintaining this information in gpxcloud gives our clients full lifecycle management capability.

The gpxcloud Network Inventory module provides industry-leading telecom service and asset management capability at a fraction of the cost of alternative solutions.

  • Real-time, 360° degree view of network inventory availability including network elements, services, sites, and hardware
  • Flags opportunities for inventory cost reductions
  • Seamlessly auto-creates inventory items from vendor quotes and orders
  • Ensures changes in inventory status flow through to finance, customer service and operations

The gpxcloud Network Inventory module solves this problem in a scalable, affordable and easy-to-use solution. It frees organizations from chasing spreadsheets and emails and lets them focus on their core business.